About Us

Kuok Foundation Berhad is a non-profitable charitable institution incorporated on 1 June 1970 by the Kuok family under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital

It was set up to alleviate poverty and to reduce the economic disparities between the rich and poor communities in Malaysia. The Kuok family firmly believed in its social responsibility to share its wealth and good fortune with the less fortunate.

The Kuok family started business in Johor Bahru, Malaysia as Kuok Brothers Limited in 1949, trading rice, sugar and wheat flour. The family’s business activities expanded in 1953 with the opening of a Singapore branch named Kuok (Singapore) Limited. From these humble beginnings, the Kuok Group of Companies has expanded to become one of Asia’s most diversified and dynamic multinational conglomerates.

Our Mission

The alleviation of poverty and suffering, the fostering of self-reliance and empowerment of the disadvantaged and underprivileged through education and training and the promotion of the spirit of caring and sharing.

Main Objectives

  1. To foster, develop and improve education of all kinds and in such manner as may from time to time be decided upon by the Foundation, including the founding and maintaining of scholarships and chairs at schools, colleges and universities. 

  2. To subscribe and grant donations to any cause, person, corporation, institution or organization and to grant study loans to students for higher education. 

  3. To contribute towards scientific research and teaching and to provide medical and surgical facilities and services of all kinds. 

  4. To organize, carry out and support schemes for the relief of human suffering, improvement of the standard of human life and the treatment of sickness and diseases. 

  5. To assist, aid and give relief to the poor and needy who by reason of age, ill-health, misfortune or infirmity are wholly or in part unable to maintain themselves and their dependents by their own exertions and in particular widows and orphans, victims of fire, floods, famine, war or calamity and those in need of moral or social rehabilitation or welfare. Provided that the person who is to be the object of such relief is a suitable and worthy object of such relief or appears capable of deriving permanent benefit, bearing in mind that the object of this endowment is the encouragement of self-help and rehabilitation of those in temporary or inevitable distress and not the encouragement of idleness or vice. 

  6. To support health, sporting and recreational activities by donating towards hospitals, sanatorium or other institutions for developing, maintaining and regaining bodily or mental health and strength.


Encik Abdullah Bin Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman


Dato’ (Dr) Keshmahinder Singh

Eye Surgeon

Dato’ (Dr) S.M.A. Alhady

Consultant Surgeon

Mr Kuok Hock Chin


Mr Kuok Hock Nien


Contribution to Education


The main focus of the Foundation’s activities since its inception in 1970 was and still is on the advancement of education and the alleviation of poverty through education.

Study Loans, Grants and Scholarships

  • Study loans, grants, loan-grants and scholarships were given to needy and deserving Malaysian students pursuing undergraduate courses at public universities in Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom; and selected private universities/colleges in Malaysia while study grants were awarded for Diploma level courses at Malaysian polytechnics and nursing colleges and half-loan half-grants were awarded to Singaporean public polytechnics. Scholarships such as the Kuok Keng Kang scholarships and Tan Sri Datuk Oh Siew Nam scholarships were given since 2013; while the Wilmar and Kuok Khoon Hong Scholarships were given since 2016. Goh Ing Sing Agriculture Science Scholarships were given since 2017.

The Foundation also offer study grants for vocational training to enable youths and school leavers to pick up marketable skills such as wood-working, welding, printing, motor mechanics, typing and secretarial skills, baking, computer literacy, kindergarten teaching, sewing, hairdressing and so on.

As at end of 2023, about 14,300 awardees have completed their studies.

Other Past Scholarships

Revolving Loan Funds

Apart from supporting students directly as mentioned above, the Foundation had also established 2 Revolving Loan Funds at Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman and one Revolving Loan Fund at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

Advancement of Education

  1. To improve educational facilities, the Foundation donated generously towards the building and development funds of schools and institutions of higher learning. It is particularly supportive of rural schools.
  1. To promote scientific research and teaching, Professorial Chairs were established.
    1. In 1973: The MSM Chair in Food Technology, named after Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Company (MSM) which donated the endowment sum of RM600,000/-. Due to changing needs, this Chair was later converted to a Research Grant Fund in 2006.
    2. In 1976: The FFM Chair in Biochemical Engineering, named after Federal Flour Mills Berhad (now known as FFM Bhd) which donated the endowment sum of RM1million. Owing to changing circumstances, this Chair was converted to a scholarship fund which gives out scholarships named after FFM
    3. In 2010: A grant of RM260,000/- was approved to fund a research on “Anti-Chikungunya Virus Susceptibility Testing Using Local Natural Resources” at UTAR
    4. In 2011: The Tan Sri Dato’ Philip Kuok Professorial Chair in Agricultural Science at the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
  1. To promote medical research, the Foundation sponsors a yearly research Award named the Tun Abdul Razak Research Award organized by the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia to Malaysian doctors for medical research.

KF Scholars Club Malaysia

The idea of a KF Scholars Club was mooted by members of the organizing committee of the Kuok Foundation 35th Anniversary cum 7th KF Scholars reunion dinner which was held on 17 September 2005.

A pro-tem committee was formed with Mr Ng Teck Seng as President and Dato’ Ir. Dr. Gue See Sew as Adviser. In March 2006, the pro-tem committee obtained the approval and blessing of the Mr Robert Kuok, Chairman of Kuok Foundation Berhad to set up the club.

The club was registered with the Registrar of Societies on 25th May 2007 with the registration number PPM-014-14-25052007 (1002-07-WKL).